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Goodbye, Fringe. 
Goodbye, Fringe. 

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Good Intentions

  • [after Sam's OPR interview]
  • Samantha: He asked me about us. He had all this stuff. Um, security card access records of nights that we left together; phone logs.
  • Jack: And what did you say?
  • Samantha: I told him it wasn't true.
  • Jack: You have no idea of what he knows or doesn't know. That's his ace up the sleeve - that's how he wins.
  • Samantha: I was just trying to protect you.
  • Jack: Yeah, but you didn't have to lie. Even if he had hard evidence, there's nothing he could do about it.
  • Samantha: We broke at least half a dozen conduct codes.
  • Jack: And lying to an OPR investigator could get you fired.
  • Samantha: And sleeping with an agent under your command could get you fired. I'm sorry I lied. I was just trying to save your ass.

Unforgettable - 2x10 Till Death: Carrie & Al moments

Unforgettable - 2x10 Till Death: Carrie & Al moments

- Lots of different kinds of partners. What kind are you?
- Partner partners.


Unforgettable - 2.04 “Memory Kings”

Unforgettable - 2.04 “Memory Kings”



Unforgettable 2.01 - Big Time

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